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Read BTS cuddling with you from the story BTS Reactions and Imagines by jikookiesandmilk (simp💥) with 14,749 reads. kpop, jin, 2017. Would you rather have Yoo... Nidec computer fans
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Bts Play With Yeontan Watch Them Cuddle V S Cute Dog Hollywood Life ... Director Of Dna Mv Posts Little Son S Cute Reaction To Bts

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BTS Reaction | Cheering them up when they’re feeling down Of course! ^_^ I’m so not procrastinating from doing my Film Studies coursework…not at all. Jin: It would immediately cheer him up.

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BTS Cuddling Aww, this is going to be so freaking adorable, I’m blushing!!! JIN I Imagine Jin to be the most romantic out of Bangtan. He’s sweet, Gentle, Loving, Motherly, so no doubt his cuddles...

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BTS reaction when you’re having a nightmare Thank you for asking sunshine ♥ Rapmonster : He would ask you to tell him what your nightmare was about so he would be able to understand what made you so afraid, then he would cuddle with you,trying to comfort you by telling you all the reasons why it can’t happen.

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Eventually the BTS member would get so uncomfortable he would leave and Yuta would pull away with a cocky grin on his face and you would be so annoyed but low-key flustered from the kiss. He would notice your annoyed facial expression and he would spend the rest of the night cuddling you and kissing you and doing whatever you wanted until you were done being annoyed with him.

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Taehyung would adore your cuddly moments, anticipating it every single morning. If you were to take longer than normal to come and cuddle up to him, he would rush back into the room and collapse onto your still sleeping form- begging for the belly rubs, like the puppy he his. “Wake up, jagi~! I want my morning snuggles!” Jungkook

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home Make A Reaction/Scenario/Text/Snap Request Selca Ship Request Request Rules Reaction and Scenario Masterlist Snaps Masterlist archive This is a Kpop Reaction and Shipping Blog. SF9, Monsta X and BTS Requests For The Following By Admin Hyun Mi:

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a/n: this is my second bts reaction, i hope you enjoy. warnings: swearing, hints at smut, lowercase is intentional, unedited. Bts Hyung line reaction to you being cuddly / clingy . Maknae line. Masterlist. Originally posted by hopefulhurricane. S e o k j I n. Originally posted by hobies

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Bts reaction to you being a brat. when he walks away youre so hot and bothered you cant help but chase after him for some attention BTS Reaction - Being cuddle buddies Bite - Yandere Taehyung Yandere BTS Reaction to you breaking up with them.

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Hey! I hope you are doing great! I’ll start with the BTS reaction first, I’ll do the Exo one later because I’ve been busy and I won’t be in town this week so… I hope you like this one :3 Thank you so much for your request! V: We all know how clingy baby Tae is. He couldn’t see you sitting or laying down anywhere because he’ll go directly to your thighs that’s his fav spot to ...

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