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Jan 11, 2018 · As my profile says, I have a 93 YJ with a 350 with a SM465 Trans with Novak converted 231J Transfer Case. The Jeep ECM is gone and there is no GM ECM either. The VSS thru the 231 would have send signals to the Jeep ECM thru Pins 7, 4 and 47. Trying to get the speedometer to work.

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El E c t r ci a l Ma n u a l – 2009 G/H Fu l l Siz E Va n PAGE v Electrical Manual – 2009 G/H Full Size Van SECTION B COMPONENTS – LOCATIONS AND PINOUTS ELECTRONIC MODULES

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The ECM is programmed and looking for 40 pulses per revolution typical for automatic transmissions. The LS Control System harness is designed to plug into the output speed sensor of 4L60 & 4L80 Transmissions, which have a 40 pulse output. NOTE: If you are using the CP Supermatic Connect and Cruise Transmission Control

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All engines have a “powerband”, an RPM range in which the engine operates most efficiently and makes the best power. The transmission has gear ratios that keep the engine in its powerband through a range of vehicle speeds, so you can accelerate from a stop, as well as cruise at 65 mph on the freeway.

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Instrument Cluster Repair List. Here you can find our full catalogue of common faults and repair services we offer. Designing/manufacturing instrument clusters and a having access to high quality parts, helps us provide our customers with a consistent high level of service.

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Please note, the E78 ECM outputs the speedometer and tachometer signals over the CANBus (GMLAN) network only. These ECMs CANNOT be configured to output these signals directly (i.e. there is no analogue output option). The E78 ECMs were used in 2010 to 2018 heavy duty (HD) trucks equipped with the L96 6.0L engine.

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LS Series Gen 4 Harness and ECM kits - 58x. Includes: New Stand-alone Harness. Re-flashed ECM with start up tune. Reflashed TCM (*Except 6L80-90E) ECM/TCM Mounting Bracket. Mass Air Flow Sensor. 2 Oxygen Sensors. Electronic Accelerator Pedal *For 6L80-90E, which has the TCM built into transmission valve body, it will need re-flashed locally.

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Airbag ECU (SDM) Crash data removal & ECU replacement Airbag ECU relacement - New or secondhand Airbag ECU's fitted and programmed. These units are programmed to your immobiliser and therefore if you need to replace one with a used part they will not simply plug in and work without being re-programmed.

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Auto Meter has an electronically driven speedometer that accept's the VSS signal. I'm using this, along with a few others very succesfully. The f-body T56 has a 17 pulse per driveshaft revolution VSS signal generator in the tailshaft. This has to get converted to a 4000 (or 2000) pulse per mile signal for your VSS buffer input.

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